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The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, #1)
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The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal - Jonathan Mooney I read this book because I'd read somewhere that he'd interviewed someone from my home town. (Probably in her obituary - she died last year). Mooney spends a lot of time musing on his own history of trying to fit in as normal - a problem that is so universal, that it is on the boring side. He goes on a road trip in a short bus to find people freakier than himself to either get more in touch with his freaky self, or to just feel better. His story is rambling with some interesting parts. I did enjoy reading about his time with Cookie/Dominique. I was glad to hear that some of the locals were looking out for her. Though I was annoyed that he hadn't taken time to understand the local geography (one glaring error about placement of towns) and I often found myself gritting my teeth to get through to the interesting parts about the people he interviewed.