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The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, #1)
Robert Jordan
Suite française - Irène Némirovsky I still want to read the notes and letters in the appendixes, but I'm finished with the main duet of novels.

Tempete en Juin follows different families as they flee Paris ahead of the German invasion. Most will be driven back and they experience kindness and cruelty on the way.

Dolce takes place in a village, about a year later when the inhabitants have to billet German soldiers for three months. The most tension forms around the fact that these are young men and the young women of the village have not seen any for a while. The way that the relationships develop differs for each family.

I could be biased by the history of the author, who was there for the invasion and did not survive the war, but I felt like a had a real window into history and how people were at that moment and place in time. It's beautifully written. What an amazing treasure that her daughters were able to save.