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L'élégance du hérisson

L'élégance du hérisson - Muriel Barbery I enjoyed most of this book - though it was a little challenging for me, it got easier as I went along. The two characters, a middle aged concierge and the 12 year old daughter of one of the upper middle class families that lives in the building, feel alienated from most of the people around them. One hides her intelligence, the other does also, while planning her suicide. With the appearance of a new tenant, they form connections and new hope for life. It's full of philosophy and humor and tender moments - until the crappy crappy ending that pissed me off -


No Renee, you are not your sister, except that you are - if you cross class lines, the price is death. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm still kinda steamed. I had considered reading it again in English to catch the bits I missed, but no more. Oh well.