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The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, #1)
Robert Jordan
The James Tiptree Award Anthology 1: Sex, the Future, & Chocolate Chip Cookies - Karen Joy Fowler, Pat Murphy, Debbie Notkin, Jeffrey D. Smith, Suzy McKee Charnas, Richard Calder, Ruth Nestvold, Joanna Russ, Joy Fowler, Hans Christian Andersen, Kara Dalkey, Kelly Link, Geoff Ryman, James Tiptree Jr., Sandra McDonald, Carol Emshwiller, Ursula K. Le Gu This is an odd assortment of stories, some better than others. I liked the one about the lace and the linguist. I skipped the book excerpt (I'd already read the book, and hate book excerpts - if I want to read the book, I want the whole book) There is a Snow Queen trilogy of stories 2 out of 3 that I liked. I might read the other anthologies in the series in hopes that some of the stories are good.